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Bella Hadid's Over-The-Top Morning Routine Is Going Viral, And It's A LOT A Lot

So much expensive goop.

Bella Hadid has an EXTREMELY extravagant morning routine.

Bella on runway in a cropped black vest and embellished low-rise pants

A video of her demonstrating it on TikTok is going viral, and it's A LOT:


mornings with me before we start making things for you cc @Orebella ☁️🤍🫶🏼🪩 #orebella

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@babybella777 / Via tiktok.com

She starts by putting three potions into a glass.

Bella in a buttoned top smiling and holding dropper bottles, poised to dispense liquid

Then she adds some goop to that.

Bella Hadid pouring from a bottle into a glass with her lips pursed

That goes down the hatch.

Bella drinking from a glass, wearing a buttoned top, in a room with wooden beams

Then she takes 14 pills.

Bella holding a handful of various pills and capsules, with a slight smile, indoors

Really, I counted: 14!

Close-up of various pills and capsules in Bella's hand

Those pills get sucked down with a green juice.

Bella sipping a green drink through a straw, wearing a casual buttoned top

Then she chugs some more goop — this time it's sea moss gel.

Bella in a buttoned top drinking a glass of a pale, cloudy beverage, holding a jar labeled "Gold Sea Moss Gel"

Up next is fulvic detox.

Bella holding a bottle of Fulvic Detox, with her lips pursed

Then she consumes actual food: a croissant.

Bella in a buttoned top holding a croissant with eyes closed

Then she takes out some liquid ionic trace minerals.

Bella holding a bottle of liquid ionic trace minerals, smiling at the camera


Bella pouring a drink

After that, she applies some essential oils.

Hand selecting from various essential oil bottles on a tray

Then she puts on some crystal bracelets.

Bella in a white shirt and cream pants puts on various bracelets and a ring

She (obviously) cleanses with some sage.

Bella holds a smoldering sage bundle, wearing a cardigan with floral sleeves

And then she journals.

Small journal and pencil with gold-tone accents on patterned fabric

After all of that, she holds the journal up to her face like baby Simba in The Lion King.

Bella in a ribbed outfit holding up a journal in front of her face, seated by a fireplace

And that's that!

Now, excuse me while I grab a glass of OJ and call it a day.