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    33 Pictures That Show How Chaotic And Wild The Beanie Baby Craze Of The '90s Was

    Because this was honestly one of the weirdest fads ever. Like, if you lived through it, you know.

    If you were alive during the '90s, then you know the grip Beanie Babies had on the culture, so after watching the new HBO doc Beanie Mania, I thought I'd dig up some pictures to cherish the memories...

    1. First and foremost, this incredible picture of a couple divvying up their Beanie Baby collection for their divorce settlement.

    A couple in court goes through Beanie Babies

    2. Beanie collectors, aka middle-aged women, go berserk in a gift shop for a new release of Beanies.

    A cashier hands a snake to a very excited woman


    A close-up of a woman grabbing at a cashier

    3. A grown woman stands with her stuffed Beanie Babies trying to make a trade.

    Joan Johnson journied from Indiana for a chance to trade her Erin Bear and Princess Bear

    4. A man runs a Beanie auction — yes, a legit auction — in a mall.

    Auctioneer Richard Brewer takes a bid during a Beanie Babies auction at a mall

    5. Someone at that Beanie auction paid $200 for the elusive Princess Di bear.

    A successful bidder pays $200 for a Princess Beanie Baby

    6. This was the gold standard. The main event.

    aman holds up a princess di bear

    7. A man looks at McDonald's Teenie Beanies, the same Teenie Beanies that caused stampedes.

    A man with many Teenie Beanies

    8. I'd say 90% of Teenie Beanies ended up like this.

    A baby sucks on a Teenie Beanie

    9. A young woman sits with her Beanies on her head, because why not?

    A girl sits with a pile of beanies on her head

    10. Another middle-aged woman poses with a pile of Beanies.

    A woman in a red coat presents a pile of beanies

    11. Shaq is given a Beanie.

    Shaq is given a green Beanie Baby on the basketball court

    12. The Queen even had a mini collection — some kids gifted her with a dragon Beanie Baby.

    The Queen in bright purple is given a Beanie by two small children

    13. The iconic "limited edition" Millennium bear.

    A purple bear straddling and 2000 mug

    14. Two women inspect some Beanies at a Beanie Baby silent auction.

    Two friends laugh with a bear and lion Beanies

    15. A 5-year-old boy grabs his 12-Beanie maximum the store allowed shoppers to buy.

    A boy holds 10 Beanies

    16. Bill Clinton is presented with a special edition Sammy Sosa Beanie Baby by the baseball player himself.

    Bill Clinton and Sammy Sosa with a red Beanie

    17. A girl shows off her Beanie collection.

    A girl in a pile of beanies

    18. A woman carefully displays her Beanies.

    A woman and her Beanies

    19. The inventor of Beanie Babies, Ty Warner, celebrates the 10th anniversary of Beanies in 2003.

    Ty sits next to a 10th anniversary Beanie sign

    20. Ty presents a Beanie to a very excited middle-aged woman.

    Ty hands a blue bear to an excited woman

    21. An employee at a Hallmark store in West Virginia shows off the St. Patrick's Day Beanie exclusive: Erin the Bear.

    An employee holding up a green bear and dog

    22. A woman puts a Beanie in a protective plastic bag.

    A shopkeeper bags a bear

    23. A boy sells Beanie Babies with his mother as if they were both *in charge* of the collection, but let's be real — this was totally his mom.

    A boy sells Beanie Babies with his mother

    24. A $5,000 Beanie on display.

    A Beanie Baby is on sale for $5,000

    25. A group of women hold some Beanies they plan to donate to children in war zones.

    Three woman hold their collection of Beanie Babies

    26. A woman inspects some Beanies at a Beanie swap.

    A woman inspects 2 dinosaur beanies

    27. "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" singers 98 Degrees pose with their beloved Beanies.

    98 degrees holding bright blue Beanie Babies

    28. A line of literally thousands of people wait to get into a baseball game because they were giving away free Beanies.

    Thousands of parents and children came out to collect their Beanie Babies

    29. Those were the goods.

    Beanie Babies are shown as fans wait outside the gates to enter the stadium

    30. And here's that treasure.

    Beanie Babies are handed to the fans as they enter Coors Field

    31. A hotel convention hall is PACKED with Beanie collectors trying to find that elusive rare deal.

    A group of people trade their Beanies on a table

    32. A group of people wait for the doors of a pharmacy to open; apparently they had been waiting since 4 a.m.

    The line outside College Pharmacy in Ventura where rare Lady Di Beanie Babies went on sale

    33. And last but not least, a girl poses with her collection of 123 Beanie Babies.

    Anne Friedlande poses with some of her 123 Beanie Babies