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    Are You The Michelle Of Your Friend Group?

    Find out here!

    1. Do people often confuse you with your other friends?

    2. When your friends are grinding with underage men, do you often find yourself playing the "chaperone"?

    3. Are you the one that always has to drive the camel?

    4. When you're doing a seated choreographed dance, are you the one that has to look at your other friends and make sure you're doing the right move at the right time?

    5. Do you frequently find yourself suspiciously cropped out of your friends' Instagrams pics?

    6. When you released a Christmas album, did someone completely forget to credit your vocal contribution?

    7. When you performed on BET, did your friends continue singing without you even though you fell pretty hard?

    8. Has Beyoncé ever described your voice as "raspy" and "less beautiful"?

    9. Does Rosie O'Donnell ignore your existence?

    10. Do people always spell your name wrong?

    11. Do they even know who you are?

    12. Did you feel sabotaged by your stage entrance at the Super Bowl?

    13. Did you go through a lime green beret phase?

    14. Lastly, is this picture just too real?

    If so, then you are probably the Michelle of your friend group.