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Are Pizza Cones The Next Big Pizza Thing?

Pizza cones made a splash at the International Pizza Expo this week. Apparently these pizza cones are a craze in Italy, and you might start seeing them where you live.

The pizza cone team:

They were stoked to be bringing pizza cones to the masses.

This machine forms the cone. You can use normal pizza dough, the man running the both said you could use anything "besides waffle batter."

The cones are sold for about $4

You can make 150 an hour.

This is the machine that cooks the cones. You can see some flavors they suggest, but you can basically put anything in a pizza cone.

They only had some cones without anything in them on display. The cones looked crispy.

The guy running the both invented this flavor.

Cone holder.

And this is what a peperoni pizza cone looks like: