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    32 Photos That Will Make You Want To Travel

    Flying is the worst but the views from a plane are unmatched. Fact!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the coolest picture they ever took out of an airplane and here are 32 of the best submissions. Happy flying!

    1. "Flying over the Caribbean Islands on my way to a family vacation to Puerto Rico! The colors in this photo are NOT edited at all, the water truly is this blue!"

    2. "Crater Lake from the skies."

    3. "This was when I was flying into Stockholm and I happened to catch the plane’s shadow in a photo."

    4. "Somewhere over Arizona/Utah."

    5. "Mt. Hood."

    6. "On my trip to Alaska."

    7. "Thunderstorm in Munich."

    8. "Popocatépetl Volcano. Puebla Airport in central Mexico."

    9. "Flying into Cancun, Mexico."

    10. "Flying over the Canadian Rockies before dawn."

    11. "Big puffy clouds over Northern California."

    12. "Flying over San Francisco the Golden Gate Bridge is in the center of the pic."

    13. "Utah mountains."

    14. "Approaching Chicago."

    15. "Flying over St. Louis."

    16. "Monte Rosa, Italy."

    17. "Approaching Honolulu, Hawaii."

    18. "Ships lining up to end the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic."

    19. "Male from above (the far one)."

    20. "Took this when my flight was landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport."

    21. "Flying over a copper mine."

    22. "Flying into Glasgow, Scotland."

    23. "This is a picture of the shadow of our plane surrounded by a rainbow - a phenomenon called a glory - that I took on the way to Alaska last summer."

    24. "This amazing river (someone might know it...?) somewhere between the UK and Australia."

    25. "Flying into Norway and over the fjords."

    26. "Flying into Maui."

    27. "Flying into New Zealand. You could see the water depth so clearly defined, it was crazy."

    28. "Mount Rainer."

    29. "Leaving SFO."

    30. "Chennai City, India."

    31. "Flying into JFK in the evening!"

    32. "Unknown location."

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