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28 Issues Norman Reedus Doesn't Give A F&%$ About

Basically everything and you.

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28. That moment when your iced coffee starts to melt mid-way through drinking it.

27. When you pick up a permanent, use it, and moments later it runs out of ink.

26. Buttons.

25. Blending into backgrounds.

24. Weak cocktails.

23. Society.

22. The man that made him wear this robe.

21. That weird, sweaty glow you get when it's just slightly too hot.

20. When someone in an audience asks a stupid question which just wastes time and doesn't allow for other actual good questions to be asked.

19. Boats.

18. V-necks.

17. The "# 1" hand symbol.

16. Dull knives.

15. Bent forks.

14. Cold pool water.

13. Tacky instagram filters.

12. The smell inside that head.

11. Unusual fan art.

10. Old dudes who like to wrestle him while he's shirtless. Even worse: Old dudes who force him to wear latex bunny heads.

9. The "rock on" hand symbol.

8. People in costumes who get too close and mess with you.

7. Rick's illusions and Glenn's power trip.

6. Getting caught smoking weed.

5. Being on the cover of magazines with his wannabe older brother, Merle.

4. When you're inside a park and you have to walk a really long way to get out of the fence.

3. Hangovers.

2. Being photographed whilst Snapchatting someone.

1. And zombies, duh.

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