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9 Rules For A Really Big Corgi Meetup At The Beach

Essential reading for your next corgi meetup at the beach.

Rule 1: Look really, really irresistibly cute.


This shouldn't be hard for you.

You're going to meet A LOT of new corgis today, so it is very important that you don't look like a bum. Wear your nicest bandanna and make sure it's clean. Ain't nobody got time for a dirty bandanna.

Rule 2: Bring YOUR OWN goggles.


You don't want to be that annoying corgi who's always asking to borrow other corgis' goggles. Those corgis are the worst.



Safety first, duh.

And yes, there will be other corgis without life jackets. They are wrong. Wearing a life jacket IS cool!

Rule 4: Tire yourself out.


The day is yours. Your human will be super happy at the end of the day when you're looking all adorable and sleepy.

Rule 5: Be extra nice to the humans.

They will give you treats.

Rule 6: Don't be a show-off.


There's no need for a dramatic sand dive. No one wants to see that.

Rule 7: Step away from your human.

Be social.

Who knows? Maybe one of these new corgis will be a lifelong friend? You'll never know unless you try.

Rule 8: Suck up to the photographers.


They will make you famous. That means higher quality snacks from your humans.

Rule 9: There are no rules.

You are a corgi.

You do as you please.

This list was pointless.

It was just an excuse to post corgi pictures.


Note: All of these pictures are from a corgi meetup on Fiesta Island in San Diego.

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