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    People Are Fighting Over The Color Of American Vs. UK Fanta, But The Bottle Is The Real Star Here

    Let's talk about that bottle shape, though.

    The Americans and Brits are fighting again!

    This time, it's over the color of soda.

    An American boxing glove pushed against a UK boxing glove

    In the left hand corner we have American Fanta.

    A drinks aisle in a grocery store

    As you can see, it is ORANGE orange.

    Closeup of Fanta bottles

    On the other side we have UK Fanta.

    Closeup of Fanta bottles

    As you can see, it's more of a YELLOW color.

    Closeup of Fanta bottles

    Same soda flavor, completely diff colors!

    This glaring difference was pointed out by @sarcasticscrib in a viral tweet or X or whatever they're calling it:

    Twitter: @sarcasticscrib

    This brought out Americans who defended the orange color and blasted the yellow one.

    Twitter: @quackholic

    "Why does that look like orange juice?" this disgruntled American screamed.

    Twitter: @spacedsensation

    "It literally looks like Sunny D it's so strange," another said.

    Twitter: @tremereclan

    And this person came at the issue more level-headedly, saying the one on the left is the correct color for soda and the one on the right is correct for juice.

    Twitter: @Brandon_Bird

    On the other side we have the Brits.

    A woman draped in a UK flag blowing a kiss

    "Isn't it more refreshing to see it look like OJ than like battery acid," this person said.

    Twitter: @teothian

    "European version is way better," another said.

    Twitter: @thatoneswiftie4

    And this person simply shared a picture of orange juice.

    Twitter: @shiningcha0s

    Then there are the people who wanted to talk about the bottle shape.

    A group of people posing for a photo

    "Why does the EU bottle look like it's broken its back?" this person said.

    Twitter: @mikualberich

    "I don't care about the color, what is going on with the European bottle?" another said.

    Twitter: @PL4GU3D0CT0RR_

    And this person stated the obvious: "Why does the British Fanta have a slutty waist?"

    Twitter: @whotfisjovana

    Ultimately, this is just another day online! These two will never get along!

    Twitter: @himejoshix

    Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?