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29 Things That Are Totally Normal To Americans About Halloween That Are Completely Weird To Everyone Else

It's funny because they're true.

Halloween is probably the single greatest thing about "American culture."

If Americans do anything right it’s Halloween

Like, no one does Halloween like Americans do Halloween.

why do americans love halloween so much? is it like in their genetics or something?

Twitter: @agreathamburger

And the way Americans celebrate Halloween has become somewhat the envy of people around the world. Seriously.

Americans are so lucky having infinitely better Halloween decor in stores than we do over here. Makes me wanna travel just to stock up. 🎃

But there are some things about Halloween that are still confusing to non-Americans, and here are some of my favorite questions non-Americans have asked about the holiday:


do americans actually say fall instead of autumn or is that a myth

Twitter: @uterosoup


hey americans. what is spirit halloween

Twitter: @phairylights


Why do Americans hate the idea of getting raisins on Halloween

Twitter: @transgirllanga


do americans actually decorate their houses for halloween

Twitter: @meowturn


Is it just me or do Americans take Halloween way too seriously? Like this is over-the-top levels of engagement.

Twitter: @Kele901


What do Americans do with all these costumes after Halloween? Year in year out you’re a different character? Do y’all rent these things?

Twitter: @callmebizniz


why do americans seem to celebrate halloween for the whole of October ??

Twitter: @lordjessus


do all americans pronounce halloween like "hollaween"?? cause thats gross

Twitter: @bunofmischief


Hold up Americans put fucking like sharp blades and shit in Halloween candy?????? Wtf???

Twitter: @fearlessmedi


do americans not realise that halloween isn’t a thing in most of the world


out of curiosity, do Americans actually eat pumpkins or they just grow them for halloween? 🤔


Why do Americans think Halloween is a month.


why do americans celebrate halloween likes it’s christmas ?


Why do Americans get photoshoots of themselves hugging pumpkins every autumn y'all are a strange group


Do Americans celebrate Halloween the way they do in the movies or is that just a stereotype 🤔?


Soooo do Americans actually put candles in their pumpkins for Halloween???


when I was small I used to think americans have a god who is ghost that is why they celebrate Halloween

Twitter: @galsrmypals


Do Americans get Halloween off like a public holiday or something ?


Why do Americans think Halloween lasts for an entire month when in fact it’s literally one day, and mainly the evening at that!!!

Twitter: @G3ntl3m4nC4ll3r


Do Americans on #Halloween really just leave a bowl of sweets on their doorstep and hope for the best?


Ok I know I’m not from America and I’ve been in the country for 15 years but do Americans really wish each other happy Halloween??? 🤔🤔


Why do Americans love pun Halloween costumes so much? You don’t have to be Kanye Westworld you can just be Kanye West.


I've always wondered: do americans actually eat all those pumpkins they carve for halloween?


Why do Americans start celebrating Halloween in September? Don't ruin my peaceful leaf month


Do Americans seriously decorate their houses for Halloween like its christmas wow


Question?: Do Americans have bonfires on halloween?


Do these Americans celebs dress up for Halloween to take pics then take the clothes off?


Do Americans know that the rest of the world thinks their obsession with pumpkins is a little strange?

29. And last but not least:

wait what does candy corn taste like i’ve never seen or had it why do americans hate it so much

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