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This Is Apparently What "American Accents" Sound Like To Non Americans

The mystery is solved.

Welcome to another BuzzFeed post about what people think about Americans.

Since basically forever or since Twitter was a thing, Americans have wondered what their accent sounds like to non-Americans.

Does it sound bland?

Does it sound "hot" like how all Americans think British accents sound hot?

Well, I found out.

There was one OVERWHELMING opinion that I had never even thought of before.

It all stems over this belief:

Over and over, people were saying the same thing.

We sound "class" in films and like idiots in real life.

It's a thing.

It sounds fake to people.

"The cheesiest accent ever."



So, blame Netflix.

Blame movies and blame all media in general.

Maybe Americans are just a simulation.

Or maybe we just suck.

But I think this sums up the "American accent" best:

The end.