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    Here's The Insanely Hot Dancer From Taylor Swift's Netflix Special Everyone Is Obsessed With

    Mama mia.

    In case you are part of the roughly 2% of human beings that don't have a Netflix account and/or don't have access to your friend's dad's account like me, then you've probably been bombarded with ads about Taylor Swift's Netflix concert special.


    The concert special came out on New Years Eve and I, as a fan of the pop girls, decided to watch it if only to hear Taylor's BEST SONG "All Too Well" and most amazing bridge ("Getaway Car"), but I found myself distracted during much of the show.


    There was something that stood out to me.


    Something very relevant to my interests.


    Yes, you horny sh*theads, I'm talking about this dancer!!


    The pausing on this screencap is a little weird and giving him a bit of lazy eye but I DON'T CARE. Lazy eyes are gorgeous, too!

    And before you go off in the comments, this isn't only a ME thing. This is a revolution. This is a way of thought.

    This is what PEOPLE ARE SAYING.

    So, what did I do next? In a disgusting thirst rage, I twiddled my thumbs, tapped on them keys, and found my way over to Mrs. Google. That's where this mysterious dancer was identified as Giuseppe Giofrè.

    Giuseppe Giofrè

    Let the deep dive begin.


    Giuseppe, or "G" as he likes to be called, is Italian. He was a dancer on Taylor's 1989 and Reputation tours. He's kind of a fan favorite because he and Taylor have cute chemistry.

    See, he's proposing to her with a tissue. It's cute.

    Then my Instagram stalking really began.

    I saw his leg. I wanted him to step on me.

    I saw him with a dog. I explored furryism.

    I saw him with a rabbit head. Suddenly Easter became my favorite holiday.

    Every picture was a win.



    Weird poses!

    And, here's just like, his butt? Yes, God.

    What a creative way to sit.

    What an interesting angle.

    In conclusion, I am moving to Rome, finally seeing Italian pop star Isabella live, and FINDING THIS MAN.

    The end. But in all seriousness, the Taylor Netflix special is great. Bops, production, stage design. She did that etc.

    Also Giuseppe is a very talented dancer. I'm not saying his talent is his looks! It's just part of the overall package xoxo.

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