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    19 Times 98 Degrees Left Justin Jeffre Out

    Poor Justin Jeffre. :(

    1. The time they played a game of shirtless football and made him be the ref.

    2. The time they made him wear these stupid sunglasses, and even he knew they were stupid.

    3. Then he wondered why he was even there.

    4. The time Goofy wondered why he was there.

    5. The time he was furthest away on a rock for their desert photo shoot.

    6. The time they tried to feed him to a dinosaur.

    7. The time the guys were fighting and only Jeff would "endorse peace" with him.

    8. The time they pushed him into the pool...

    ... and then tried to drown him.

    9. The time he had to be the one to wear the purple trench coat.

    10. The time they tried to make him look ~cool~ by making him to wear these faux-Oakleys.

    11. The time they all went to get tribal back tattoos and he wasn't invited.

    12. All of the times they stuck him next to a shirtless Jeff Timmons.

    13. That time they tried to white him out of the background of this picture.

    14. The time they made him bleach his hair...

    ... when all he ever wanted was frosted tips like Nick.

    15. That OTHER time he wondered why he was there.

    16. The time Nick wondered why he was there.

    17. The time he clearly got the wrong queue about which pose to do and therefore looked totally out of place in the photo.

    18. The time they stuck him on the fire escape...

    ... and then every website cut him off.

    19. The time he wore this outfit and clearly didn't feel comfortable.

    I think you get the point.


    Even though you seem to always get the short end of the stick, Justin.

    You were an important part of 98 Degrees, and the band wouldn't be the same without you.

    Stay fresh.

    Inspired by Poor Michelle.