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Adele Became A Meme For Doing Literally Nothing At A Basketball Game, And It's So Dumb But So Funny

Adele does nothing and becomes a meme. Her power.

Adele was just minding her business courtside at the NBA All-Star Game.

Adele sitting court side in a leopard print jacket and tights

The "Hometown Glory*" chanteuse was with her boyfriend and seated next to fellow living legend Mary J. Blige.

But then the NBA zoomed in on her for five seconds and she became a meme.

Chuck wants a duet with @Adele 😂 #NBAAllStar

Twitter: @NBAonTNT

Like, it was just five seconds of her doing nothing and smacking her lips.

this is about to become a meme hahaha

Twitter: @im_not_augustus

Then boom, it became a meme.

A new Adele meme unlocked 🤣😂

Twitter: @HelloAdeleSide

Without further ado, I scoped out some of the best ones, and here are my faves. Enjoy, pip pip hooray dally ho*.

*I think that's what British people say...


me pretending not to see my grandma opening her wallet to give me money

Twitter: @fentydoh


Zara employees when you need a fitting room:

Twitter: @alex_abads


Me with my parents while (not) watching the sex scene in the movie.

Twitter: @franc_allkja


Trying not to make eye contact with the kettle so it boils faster

Twitter: @CiFlood


me taking the bus to work every goddamn morning

Twitter: @kvbrick


Me after tweeting "I'm screaming"

Twitter: @JoePassmore


Teachers waiting for those last few students to stop talking

Twitter: @TwinklBeyond


Me avoiding someone when I see them in public

Twitter: @gremlinjotito


Me pretending I don't see the person I'm meeting walking towards me so I can act surprised and excited to see them when they eventually reach me:

Twitter: @JeMappelleHelen


me pretending not to care while my laptop is loading so it loads faster

Twitter: @Iovereads


Me pretending I don't see my teacher while I'm with my mom at the grocery store:

Twitter: @orvilleatari


Me watching all the tables who ordered after me get they food first

Twitter: @nicholasthedons


Me pretending not to see the Salvation Army bell ringers

Twitter: @Jetta_Jameson


Me pretending not to see money in my birthday card

Twitter: @kitbed


Me pretending to serve patience and effortless looks so the bar man will serve me first

Twitter: @sophieweldonx


My family sitting on the couch after dinner while my mom says, “yanno it would be nice if you guys helped clean up once in a while”

Twitter: @kdatt23


me when someone at school asks if anyone has gum knowing full well i have a stash in my backpack

Twitter: @dehydratedjay


me trying to telepathically talk to the fish at the aquarium

Twitter: @frizzlike


Why she look like she forgot to turn the stove or her hair curler off? 🤣

Twitter: @iHateBerto


"Are there any volunteers who'd like to present first"

Twitter: @SaladNbean

21. And last but not least...

Me tryna ignore the sizzling fajitas passing by my table at Chile’s

Twitter: @kneeofpop

Ciao ciao!