Meet Stumpy: The Tragic Viral Sensation Taking Over The Internet

    *Pours one out for a tree*

    NPR is reporting that 158 of Washington DC's famous cherry blossom trees will be removed after this year's blooming season.

    Group of people admiring cherry blossoms by a pond, viewed through a frame of blossom branches

    The trees are being removed to rebuild seawalls around the Tidal Basin, which currently floods twice daily.

    One such tree has made quite an impression on the people of DC.

    Damaged tree by water with Washington Monument in the background

    That tree's name is "Stumpy."

    Cherry blossom tree by water with the Washington Monument in the background

    Stumpy has become quite the celeb.

    People watching and photographing a blooming tree, indicating the start of spring

    The tree is constantly surrounded by paparazzi.

    #Stumpy paparazzi #DC #CherryBlossoms

    — day by day, bird by bird (@Miss_Placed_) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @Miss_Placed_

    People leave Stumpy flowers.

    This is the last cherry blossom 🌸 peak bloom for the famous tree named Stumpy. The National Park Service plans to remove Stumpy for a big sea wall repair project. Someone left Stumpy flowers.

    — Tom Roussey (@tomroussey7news) March 19, 2024
    Twitter: @tomroussey7news

    They're leaving cards.

    Saying goodbye to a Legend! 🌸
    Thank you for the memories, Stumpy!

    — DC Public Library (@dcpl) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @dcpl

    There's even a mascot.

    Person in a tree costume named "Stumpy" standing by cherry blossoms with another individual walking by

    Unfortunately, time is running out for the little tree, and people are saying their goodbyes.

    said farewell to stumpy yesterday

    — kristen⸆⸉ is knitting (@kreadstoomuch) March 21, 2024
    Twitter: @kreadstoomuch

    Last respects are being paid.


    — Brian Dautch (@Bdautch) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @Bdautch

    As this person said, "May Stumpy's memory forever be a blessing."

    May Stumpy’s memory forever be a blessing.

    — Matt Blitz (@WhyBlitz) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @WhyBlitz


    I love you, Stumpy ❤️

    We’ve reached peak bloom 🌸

    — Mauricio Casillas (@MauricioNBC4) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @MauricioNBC4