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Here's What It's Like Inside The Terrifyingly Simplistic Missing Titanic Submersible

People are freaking out over the remote, but I'm more shocked by the one-button thing.

Everyone is talking about the missing Titanic touring submersible.

And if you somehow don't know what I'm talking about, a Titanic touring vessel called the Titan has gone missing on a dive down to the ship.

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Five people were on board, and some paid $250,000 for the chance to see the Titanic.

And now the focus is on this thing: the Titan.

Tours of the submersible are going viral.

There's this one narrated by the CEO and founder of OceanGate, Stockton Rush, who is currently on the missing vessel.


This is the sub that 5 people are lost in the ocean somewhere in on their way to view titanic. #titanic #titan #lostsubmarine #250k #ocean #deepsea #searchforlostsubmarine #submarine

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In this tour, we see the singular window.

hand touching the one window

Right near the one and only window, there's a black box that opens in case you need to "relieve" yourself. Yes, that's the bathroom.

arrow pointing to a box

There's apparently a "privacy divider" that can go up if you need to "go."

the bathroom area next to the main opening

There are two computers, and a screen that show what's happening outside of the vessel.

the ceo sitting in between the two computer screens

Here's the screen:

closeup of the small screen

A simple gaming remote controls the vessel.

the ceo showing off the remote

"It's all run with this game controller and these touch screens. If you want to go forward you press forward, if you want to go back you go back, turn right, turn left, go down, go up."

closeup of the gamer controller

"It's meant for a 16-year-old to throw around, and we keep a couple of spares on board just in case," he said.

It's extremely simple.

Twitter: @Pogue

It's extremely bare bones.

There's another tour of the Titan from earlier this year with CBS correspondent, David Pogue.

View this video on YouTube


"This is not your grandfather's submersible," Stockton Rush says from inside the tiny space.

the two sitting inside the submarine

He shows off the ONE button in the entire vessel.

arrow pointing to the button in the back

Yes, this is the only button.

closeup of the button

"It should be like an elevator, it shouldn't take a lot of skill," he says.

Stockton also shows off the light which he says is from a camper store.

he points up at the light on the ceiling of the sub

As you can see, it's EXTREMELY simple.

Twitter: @Pogue

Lastly, we have this tour of the Titan from the BBC.


In 2022, the BBC filmed inside the OceanGate Titanic submersible that has gone missing during a dive to see the wreck. #Titanic #Submersible #Submarine #TitanicWreck #TouristSub #AtlanticOcean #BBCNews

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In this video, Stockton Rush turns on the vessel by pressing that ONE singular button.

He again shows off his remote control, which he compares to a Playstation remote.

he holds up the controller

I'd also like to point out that it's a shoe-free vessel.

arrow pointing to his socked feet

So, yes, that's what the inside looks like.

Oh, I also almost forgot to mention it's the size of a minivan.

family unloading groceries from a minivan