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A Random Woman Has Gone Viral After A Man Stopped Her In The Subway To Finish The Lyrics To Lady Gaga's "Shallow"

Charlotte Awbery. Remember that name.

There's a new main pop girl in town.

Her name is Charlotte Awbery and she has taken the world but mostly just gay people on Twitter by storm.

It all started when a comedian named Kevin Freshwater approached an unassuming woman on the subway to finish the lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Shallow."

The woman absolutely ate it up.

This man really found a random person on the street and she sang Shallow better than Gaga ever has except the time she sang it for the movie, I'm so ashame...

Since the clip went viral, the woman was quickly identified as professional singer Charlotte Awbery. In just a few days she has gained over 100,000 Instagram followers and become the new queen of pop.

Fan accounts have been set up.

She's even big in Brazil now.

Charlotte Awbery already has Brazilian stan accounts y’all work QUICK 😩💀

Her fanbase is known as "Charlotte's Web."

Charlotte Awbery’s fanbase is called Charlotte’s Web

The world has fallen in love with Charlotte.

charlotte awbery.. she is the moment. we have no choice but to STAN

We are all part of your web <3

Miss Charlotte Awbery looking so fresh and fierce🔥💖

Now release the damn album, Charlotte.

charlotte awbery is the new queen of the gays

We want the album.

miss charlotte awberry is coming to save pop music