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A Clip From The '80s When Seat Belts Became Mandatory Is Going Viral Because It's Being Compared To The Way Some Americans Are Acting About The Vaccine

Some things never change.

Wearing a seat belt in a car is probably one of the least polarizing rules or laws.

A woman smiling as she sits in the driver's seat of a car with her seatbelt on
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Click it or ticket!!

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But that wasn't always the case!

A woman with contacts that are colored to replicate the U.S. Flag
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In the 1980s, states started creating seat belt laws.

An old photo of a woman driving with her seatbelt on
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New York was the first state to require seat belts for front seat drivers in 1984.

A man speaking at a podium with law enforcement behind him with a sign that says Buckle Up
Boston Globe / Boston Globe via Getty Images

And New Hampshire is currently the only state with no seat belt rules at all for anyone over 18.

A map of the United States
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Apparently, it was somewhat of a big deal when states started enforcing these laws.

Emilija Manevska / Getty Images

A clip that first aired on the Daily Show has gone viral and shows people getting very upset about new seat belt laws, one in Florida and one in Michigan.

This clip from the Daily Show of people fighting against seat belt mandates in the 80s is absolutely surreal from start to finish given today's climate on both masks and COVID vaccines.

Twitter: @NumbersMuncher

In the Florida clip, a police officer says people don't wear seat belts because they are uncomfortable, wrinkle clothes, and aren't cool.

And, of course, there's some guy complaining about freedom:

The other clip is from a small town in Michigan where they were passing a seat belt ordinance:

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We have this guy saying how everyone is just in "shock" over it.

NBC Nightly News

This guy saying he would boycott the town.

NBC Nightly News

And this guy saying he wouldn't wear the belt, period.

NBC Nightly News

Sound familiar?

People protesting
Boston Globe / Boston Globe via Getty Images

People are comparing the clip to 2021 anti-vaxxers.

One person holding up a sign that says 'Freedom over fear!!!"
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

This person compared medics back then to nurses now.

@NumbersMuncher With seat belt laws, people understood that police and medics were tired of scraping people off the pavement. Wish they had the same understanding and compassion for doctors and nurses.

Twitter: @Snowshark8

This person compared it to the mask mandates:

Seat belt laws were the mask mandates of the 80's it appears.

Twitter: @TheOrangeSomnie

And this person said their father STILL ignores seat belt laws because "you can't make me do it."

Can confirm. My biological father (who I do not have a relationship with because of his inability to be flexible in any way imaginable) has always ignored seatbelt laws for the simple reason of "you can't make me do it".

Twitter: @karenlodato

Some things truly never change.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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