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40 Powerful Moments Outside The Supreme Court On The Day DOMA Was Struck Down

It's been kind of a historic day. This is what that looked like.

1. It was really, ridiculously hot at the Supreme Court, and hundreds of people were packed in and SWEATING LIKE CRAZY.

Basically the only breeze came from the waving of American and rainbow flags.

2. Really, IT WAS SWEATY.

3. Everyone was pretty optimistic awaiting the decision at 10 a.m.

4. The question of the day being:

5. The families stood out the most.

6. Especially this one.

7. And this one.

8. People made signs because that's what you do at these kinds of things.

This couple wouldn't show me the other part of their sign until after the decision. Remember them for later.

9. Some of the signs were hilarious...

10. ...while other signs basically made you cry.

11. There were a lot of people representing churches...

12. ...and for those wondering, there was only one insane street preacher.

13. He was a little guy.

14. Then, at 10, everyone got on their phones. Seriously, everyone in this photo is on their phone.

15. This lady had TWO PHONES.

16. BOOM. The crowd burst into cheers when it was announced that DOMA was struck down.

17. This guy's face was amazing.

18. There were hugs.


20. "It's about time" signs came out.

21. This couple held each other.

22. This couple wouldn't let go.


23. This couple smiled.

24. ...and, of course, made a sign.

25. The couple from earlier showed off their new sign.

26. This guy fed his baby.

27. This couple said, "It just is the absolute best present we could have asked for."

28. These guys got a copy of the decision.

29. And others came by taking pictures of it. Notice the guy on the left walking around smiling. Everyone was doing it.

30. EVERYONE took pictures in front of the courthouse.

31. And then walked away hand in hand.

32. "Thank you" signs were handed out...

33. ...while plaintiffs Paul and Jeff just stood there taking it all in.

34. Don't worry, there were signs for Edie too.

35. This lady turned her rainbow hat backwards.

36. This lady just stood there with a giant rainbow pinwheel.


38. And while there's still work to be done...

39. least the good guys won today.

40. To sum it all up: