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Posted on Dec 2, 2013

32 Little Reasons We're Still In Love With Britney Spears

Happy birthday, queen! Here are just a few reasons why you're still the best.

1. Her "this is fucking awkward why am I here?" face.

2. Her non-fear of fecal excrement.

3. Her beauty skills.

4. The fact that she never ages.

5. The fact that we ALL can identify with her thoughts on "waiting."

6. Her natural theatrical nature.

7. Her knowledge of technology.

8. Her uncontrollable facial spasms.

9. Her uncontrollable dancing spasms.

10. Her excellent work ethic.

11. That time she got covered in snakes.

12. That time that she laughed in the face of a bag of Cheetos.

13. The way she moves her eyes from side to side.

14. Whenever she gets really excited.

15. Hair flips.


Especially pony flips.

16. The fact that she's the second coming of Christ.

17. That time she saw her wax figure for the first time.

18. The look of pure joy she has on her face when she has a Frappuccino.


There is no better face.


19. Also her insatiable thirst for Cheetos.

20. Her immaculate pronunciation.

21. Her driving skills.

22. Whenever she calls herself a nerd.

23. Her ability to break records and surpass all expectations.

24. Matilda.

25. Every time she goes shopping at Target + bonus points if she has a Fanta.


26. Her inability to focus on anything whilst in the presence of cookies.

27. Also potato chips.


28. Basically her love of food in general.

29. The way she shows love for her international fans.

30. The way she describes tiny things.

31. Every time she embarrasses her kids.

32. And lastly, the fact that she is STILL giving us new music after 15 years.


May the gospel continue! Gaymen!

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