30 Examples Of How We Were All Sam Weir In High School

You are Sam Weir. I am Sam Weir. We all are Sam Weir.

30. You hated picking up the phone:

29. This is what your first time drinking was like:

28. You said this every. single. day.:

27. You also said this every day:

26. You, at least once, got rejected buying beer:

25. You made prank phone calls with your friends, and then collectively wondered if you could be caught by the cops:

24. This was also your face when you made said prank phone calls:

23. The orthodontist was the worst:

22. Farting was too:

21. You had at least one family portrait that looked like this:

20. You had noooo idea how the opposite sex “worked”:

19. Your mom always had good intentions, but in general, was just embarrassing:

18. You had to always reassure your parents that you were not a baby:

17. You had a few good friends, and you were totally okay with that:

16. Fitness testing was the bane of your existence:

15. You had no idea how to dress:

14. You had at least one ugly turtleneck:

13. You had/still have the tendency to sigh a lot:

12. Your life was/still is filled with awkward laughter:

11. Your life was/still is filled with nervous laughter:

10. Your life was/still is filled with uneasy laughter:

Wait, forget all of this. I think you can see what’s going on. You ARE STILL Sam Weir.

Not much has changed since high school.

9. You are still awkward as fuck:

8. You still hate conflict:

7. You still practice talking to invisible people:

6. You still make dumb faces when you get mad:

5. You still get really uncomfortable and weird when someone cute talks to you:

4. You still wear your emotions on your sleeve:

3. You still say stupid things that make no sense:

2. Everyone still tries to take care of you:

1. And you still constantly question your life.

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