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25 Times Anna Kendrick Was Painfully Accurate

Queen of Twitter, tbh.

1. The tao of drunk texting:

2. The accuracy of pre-roll commercial clips:

3. People who talk about celebrity babies:

4. Jared Leto:

5. Greetings:

6. Sushi-shaming:

7. Hair:

8. The process of eating:

9. Keeping secrets:

10. Swallowing something accidentally and the fear that subsequently comes because of it:

11. Crying emojis:

12. History Channel reenactments:

13. Cooking:

14. Pinstripe suits:

15. The communication pyramid:

16. Skittles:

17. Men who fix things:

18. Parents when you were in first grade:

19. Eating with friends:

20. Airport Starbucks lines:

21. Misspelling words:

22. The phenomenon of crying on airplanes:

23. Meth:

24. The problem with the names of certain fruits:

25. The worst people in the world:

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