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    A TikTok Went Viral Showing Chipotle's Old Prices, And People Can't Believe How Cheap It Used To Be

    Take me back.

    The year was 2009.

    Bump-its were an actual thing that actual people wore.

    Everyone over the age of 60 was addicted to FarmVille.

    And Lady Gaga was scaring the shit out of just about every celebrity.

    2009 was also a stellar year for Chipotle.

    It was cheap as hell then!

    A post on TikTok about 2009 Chipotle is going viral:


    As you can see, the prices are significantly cheaper.

    People couldn't believe the prices were real.

    Yes, you used to be able to get a burrito for under $6!!

    Obviously, inflation is real and prices go up, but I totally forgot it used to be *this* cheap.

    In the comments, some people also mentioned that you could purchase Chipotle at such an affordable price much more recently in certain locations.

    In another TikTok about 2009 Chipotle, someone pointed out that you used to be able to dress as a burrito on Halloween and get a free burrito.

    Those were the days!!

    Twitter: @heyill

    Lastly, you can't talk about 2009 Chipotle without talking about the taste.

    Twitter: @kaylaaalarae

    It was just better then!

    Twitter: @thanaa_i

    Ultimately, this post serves as a reminder that you once were able to buy Chipotle for less than $6 and that people genuinely considered bump-its to be fashionable accessories.