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    Updated on Sep 17, 2018. Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    6 Songs Mandy Moore Wants To Literally BURN That You Definitely Love

    I am so upset.

    Well, let's get right to it, this is f*cking depressing: Mandy Moore hates her old music!

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    Yes, even "Candy."

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    I found this quote from Mandy Moore that makes me lose hope for humanity: "Ugh, those (first two albums) were awful. If I had the money, I would give a refund to everyone who bought my first two albums. Whenever people ask, 'Which of your albums should I listen to?' I say, 'NOTHING BUT COVERAGE. Burn the rest."

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    That means, if we "BURNED THE REST," we would be essentially lose these six gorgeous songs.

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    6. "In My Pocket"

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    "In My Pocket," oh man, we love a problematic anthem about panties in pockets (that's what it sounds like and I just discovered that a few years ago via a YouTube comment.) GENRE BENDING AND LIFE CHANGING!

    5. "I Wanna Be With You"

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    10-year-old me staring out a window pretending to be sad is weeping thinking that Mandy Moore didn't actually *feel* this emotional ballad!

    4. "Walk Me Home"

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    3. "Cry"

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    Another song I used to listen to with my headphones on road trips in the car with my parents. I would draw "sad faces" on the condensation in the car. What a stunt queen! BUT SERIOUSLY, this song is a classic! Don't hate, Mandy.

    2. "Crush"

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    Most people don't know this but "Crush" was instrumental in launching the "indie music" genre. Mandy Moore is an indie pioneer and should be recognized as such. LET IT BE KNOWN.

    1. "Candy"

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    The SONG that started it all. The song that brought us here today. The song with the music video where she's standing in her room with those awkward headphones. This is quintessential Mandy! It makes me want to VOMIT just the thought of living in a world where we wouldn't hear Mandy sing this golden gem live ever again. STOP THE MADNESS, MANDY. NO MORE HATE!

    OK BYE!

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