Why We Should ALL Watch Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man, the touching and true story of Timothy Treadwell, a great man, with an even greater mission in life.

1. Meet Timothy Treadwell

A man of eloquence, grace, and intelligence.

2. Ah Yes. There He Is…

3. And This Was His Passion In Life.

While Timothy lived in Alaska he made some bear friends. Actually, he made many, many bear friends.

4. Leading To This Epic Sporcle Game

Because Timothy just really cared about his bears, and was marveled by them in every way.

5. And Yes, He Loved EVERYTHING About The Bears

6. Oh, and He Loved His Fox Friends Too…

7. Even When They Stole His Things

Because friendship was important to Timothy.

8. And He Chose Great Friends, Let Me Tell You…

Like his favorite pilot/rodeo rider, Willy Fulton.

9. Who Was Also A Great Singer

and definitely not lip synced.

10. But Still, Things Could Get Lonely For Timothy

but he always had hope.

12. And Even When He Wanted to Change His Life…

13. He Knew He Could Persevere.

Because he had a mission. He vowed to protect the bears from anything.

14. Even The Weather.

because Timothy Treadwell doesn’t mess around.

15. so thank you Werner Herzog, director and narrator, for gifting us with GrizzMan.

the most inspirational documentary every put on Netflix Instant Streaming.

And if you liked that, make sure to check out Werner Herzog eating his shoe.

So cheers to GrizzMan, a secret goldmine of bear-related humor and angry ranting, all thanks to the great Mr.Treadwell.

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