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22 Worst Friends Anyone Could Ask For

These people chose...poorly.

1. Whoever did this to their sleeping roommate.

2. This dude who almost got his friend mauled by a cheetah — just for giggles.

3. This dude who didn't give a heads-up.

4. The friend who hid this in his buddy's wallet before they hit the mall.

5. Everyone who told her this was a good idea.

6. This girl who smashed her friend's face.

7. This seal who ruined EVERYONE'S nap.

8. Man's "best" friend who crapped on the heater.

9. Whoever told this girl that she could walk on fire.

10. This asshole turtle.

11. This girl's friend, "Angle."

12. This dickhead bird.

13. This kid who went chasing waterfalls.

14. This cat who has ZERO respect for its owner's hobbies.

15. This fat cat that doesn't want his owner to better himself.

16. These jerks.

17. That enabling bitch, Siri.

18. These bros who told their friend, "Nah, man you should go first because you totally jump the highest."

19. These people who let this happen.

20. The friend who spell-checked this.

21. This expert dart thrower.

22. And whoever told this kid that he'd be able to fly.