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Definitive Proof Parents Have Stopped Giving The Sex Talk

According to Yahoo Answers.

This demented, crazy, stoned person:

This klutz:

This concerned sister:

This 11-year-old with diarrhea:

This anatomy scholar:

This poor girl's "vegeta":

This person with future cholesterol problems:

This person who believes "if you don't use it, you lose it":

This freakin' weirdo:

This skeptic:

This OTHER concerned sister:

This poor girl:

This boyfriend who has a lot to learn:

This lesbian:

This superhero:

This pee monster:

This precocious youngster:

This naive girl:

This bro who needs to do laundry ASAP:

This sexual MacGyver:

This penis hater:

And this person in desperate need of lube:

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