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    24 Things That'll Make You Say "Of Course That's A Thing"

    Why? For the love of God, why?

    1. This chatroom:

    2. This British delicacy:

    3. This sad reality:

    4. This non-alcoholic whiskey:

    5. These earrings:

    6. This coffee mug:

    7. This dinner in a can:

    8. This hilarious game:

    9. This chocolate toilet:

    10. These ceramic cans:

    11. These high-fashion pigeon shoes:

    12. This 3D cat snicker for your toilet:

    13. This statement necklace:

    14. This hip crossover bag:

    15. This "enter" button that you can actually punch:

    16. This classy bikini:

    17. This bottle of rum inside a bottle of vodka:

    18. This streamer hat:

    19. This tattoo that's been told it's the best tattoo, and better than any other tattoo:

    20. These cheeky butt accessories:

    21. This boomerang spork:

    22. This pair of underwear:

    23. These shoes:

    24. And this selfie extension, which is actually pretty awesome: