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21 Shitty Places Every College Student Has Sadly Been Before

Been there. Done that.

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1. Standing in this spinning room:

Twitter: @IAmSteezus / Via @IAmSteezus

2. Eating ramen in this tub:

3. On this adventure:

Twitter: @FunnyPicsDepot / Via @FunnyPicsDepot

4. Feeling like this:

5. Filling out these answers to a survey:

6. Having this existential crisis:

Twitter: @RelatableQuote / Via @RelatableQuote

7. Waking up from this nap:

8. Frequently landing at this conclusion:

9. Smiling through the sadness:

Twitter: @pakalupapito / Via @pakalupapito

10. Having something resembling this Gmail inbox:

11. Falling down this black hole:

Twitter: @cabbagecatmemes / Via @cabbagecatmemes

12. Getting vague threats from your Windows 95 computer:

13. Getting judged because of a poor fashion choice:

14. Having this Valentine's Day:

15. Imagining your Netflix account being overly critical of your life choices:

16. Feeling like this boat:

17. Hoping for the impossible:

Twitter: @tinatbh / Via @tinatbh

18. Finding yourself on either side of this conversation:

Paramount Pictures / / Via

19. Struggling with decisions:

20. Having this relationship with your bank account:

Twitter: @woridstarhiph0p / Via @woridstarhiph0p

21. And generally feeling like this kid in class.

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