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    26 Pictures That Will Leave You Asking A Lot Of Questions


    1. This woman in a tub of carrots:

    2. This In-N-Out Burger patron:

    3. This kid and his condom tree:

    4. This dude's back tattoo:

    5. This anaconda lover:

    6. This guy:

    7. These close friends in a tight situation:

    8. This person tying bread to their head:

    9. This driveway:

    10. This dude putting his leg in a wood chipper:

    11. This guy taking a nap:

    12. This Walmart shopper:

    13. This relaxed bro:

    14. This person driving on the highway:

    15. This window washer:

    16. These children's pajamas:

    17. The SpongeBob pool toy:

    18. This romance novel:

    19. This wine label:

    20. This street:

    21. This expert driver:

    22. This professional weightlifter:

    23. This barefoot motorcyclist:

    24. This person resting their burger on a public bathroom floor:

    25. This person with a refrigerator in their trunk:

    26. And this Newport ad with people putting mustard on potato chips:

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