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What Winter Olympians And Aspiring Olympians Do For A Living When They're Not Competing

With the Sochi games a mere 100 days away, it's time to jump-start your crippling case of SOCHI FEVER by getting to know some of the regular folks who are (or are aspiring to be) Olympians.

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Training for the opportunity to compete in the Winter Olympics is basically a full-time job, and it's also a job that doesn't come with a very big paycheck. Most Olympians can't resolve this problem with million-dollar sponsorships, so they have to work normal jobs at the same time. Today, Olympians of the past, present and (hopefully) future gathered at the Road to Sochi 100 Day Countdown event put on by the United States Olympic Committee in Times Square, and we asked 17 of them what they did when they weren't busy being Olympian.


Torin Yater-Wallace, freestyle skiing (five-time Winter X Games medalist)

All the freestyle skiers we talked to were lucky enough to make a living from freestyle skiing. Yater-Wallace wrote down that he'd like to be pro skateboarder. He's not, but he'd like to be.


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