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21 Pictures That Accurately Describe What It's Like To Be Alive

It's a struggle.

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1. When you're at your friend's wedding without a date:

2. When you're basically invisible in high school:

3. When you get desperate at a wishing well:

4. When you can't even buy a rock:

5. When you fuck up the easiest thing possible:

6. When you pick the wrong funny shirt:

7. When you're realize growing up sucks:

8. When you find everything on your shopping list in one aisle:

9. When you realize this billboard is sadly accurate:

10. When Siri suggests you pay for human intimacy:

11. When you can't even get a fortune:

12. When you can't even get a view of the parking lot:

13. When you decide to cook something nice for dinner:

14. When you forget to use the parking break:

15. When your view isn't what you expected:

16. When you can't even do the little things right:

17. When your car just can't:

18. When you realize there's no way out:

19. When Wendy even knows you have no willpower:

20. When your house pisses all over you:

21. And when little humans use your face as a welcome mat:

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