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    19 Things That'll Keep You Motivated Forever

    We all need a boost sometimes.

    1. Set alarms that threaten you.

    2. Remember it's all about positive thinking.

    3. Do it for the ones you love.

    4. Don't take tomorrow for granted.

    5. Never forget what life if all about.

    6. Remember that you get what you give.

    7. Reward yourself.

    8. Keep in mind that zombies most definitely could possibly not be real.

    9. Never forget Forrest.

    10. Do the little things.

    11. Remember there is always someone out there working harder than you.

    12. Never stop learning.

    13. Make distinct goals for yourself.

    14. Look around you.

    15. Reach for the stars.

    16. Think about everything the world has to offer.

    17. Dive into everything headfirst.

    18. Don't let Lindsay be better than you.

    19. And dream big.