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    18 Simple Ideas That Should Be Implemented Everywhere

    Yes, please.

    1. This tip line:

    Flattermedal /

    2. This itemized receipt of where your taxes are going in Australia:

    heapsgoods /

    3. This viewer with colorblind-correcting lenses:

    aegist1 /

    4. This toilet that saves water:

    Flupsy /

    5. This crosswalk that gives senior citizens extra time to cross the street:

    NickyNek /

    6. These repurposed "ugly" lemons:

    Sire777 /

    7. This tree identification card:

    harriharris /

    8. This child ID card:

    jordan460 /

    9. This convenient apple taste chart: / ninjapickle24 /

    10. This airplane's dreamy night sky:

    11. This foot pedal flusher:

    allygator314 /

    12. This important and informational scratch and sniff:

    LadyJane17 /

    13. This friendly restaurant sign that lets diners know seats are available:

    trifflec /

    14. This shower temperature gauge:

    Damn_You_ScubaSteve /

    15. This clean "rag" that a hotel supplies to save their white towels:

    SlipperyPockets /

    16. This coffee disposal station:

    millowissweet /

    17. These THREE outlet airport chairs:

    Flyingcurtains /

    18. And this hotel that keeps the U.S. Constitution in the bedside drawer... because more people should know what's in it:

    thissaysotherwise /

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