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    17 Times There Was A Glitch In The Universe


    1. These two strangers in a restaurant:

    BittersweetMadre /

    2. These two girls at a concert:

    3. These two hockey players:

    n0tskrillex /

    4. This eerie work of art:

    5. These three commuters:

    thrashbandit /

    6. These three pianists:

    fall97 /

    7. These vacationers:

    Tarzan___ /

    8. These two strangers in the mall:

    BonsaiGoat /

    9. These couples on a cruise:

    RaRaRitty /

    10. These couples at a beer festival:

    11. These inverted twins at the supermarket:

    12. These twins that came in different sizes:

    drebler /

    13. These two who saw themselves in a work of art:

    AnaCeleste_20 /

    14. These two at museum:

    salmeida /

    15. These random seatmates on the plane:

    sycknyss2 /

    16. These two bearded gentlemen:

    littletucks /

    17. And these two twins that no one can tell apart:

    ShadesOfNeon6 /

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