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18 Triggers People With Zero Patience Will Immediately Recognize

Step back.

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1. When someone doesn't show you respect.

Twitter: @bitchexcellence / Via @BitchExcellence

2. When someone takes your parking spot.

3. When you don't have time for bullshit.

Twitter: @curtislepore / Via @curtislepore

4. When someone tells you "I'll be back in a min."

5. When you've heard enough.

Twitter: @femalepains / Via @femalepains

6. When you get asked the same question every day of your life.

7. When the wrong person opens their mouth.

Twitter: @ilovegracey333 / Via @ilovegracey333

8. When your friend mistakes you for someone with patience.

Twitter: @GentlemanVow / Via @gentlemanvow

9. When someone asks you a question they're not prepared to hear the answer to.

10. When someone can't take a hint.

Twitter: @ahahahahgotem / Via @ahahahgotem

11. When neighbors don't pick up their dog's shit.

12. When someone eats your leftovers.

13. When you see someone lying their ass off.

Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr / Via @SincerelyTumblr

14. When you need to leave directions for some simple shit...

15. And they STILL can't follow them.

16. When someone puts your life in their hands.

Twitter: @ih8tvvitterhoes / Via @ih8tvvitterhoes

17. When technology decides to give you sass.

18. And when people humblebrag about their perfect lives.

Twitter: @tbhjuststop / Via @tbhjuststop

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