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33 Times Tom Brady's Hair Looked Really Effing Stupid

He's an unquestionable Hall of Fame quarterback with extremely questionable hairstyles.

1. His visor hair.

2. The time he made this face with his little-boy hair.

3. When he dyed his hair blond.

4. When he was unsure of his new hair flip.

5. When he stood next to Adriana Lima with his spiked hair while wearing this turtleneck.

6. This mullet.

7. That mullet.

8. When he was chubby and had spiked sideburns.

9. When he let an 11-year-old cut his hair.

10. When he was ashamed of his haircut and tried to hide.

11. When he slicked it back like a serial killer.

12. When he saw his mini-mullet on the Jumbotron and got angry.

13. When this happened.

14. When he got really into Hugh Grant movies.

15. When he wanted to be a vampire/investment banker for Halloween.

16. When he was tan and wore this Audi polo shirt.

17. The ponytail.

18. When he tried to act tough with that hair.

19. When he stole Bieber's signature look.

20. When he missed the casting call for Dazed and Confused.

21. When he cried.

22. When he tried to look like a manly man, but looked all weird.

23. When he said, "Peace out, homies"

24. When his hair just wouldn't fit in his helmet.

25. When it looked a little TOO perfect for pre-game warmups.

26. When he thought wearing a fedora was a good idea.

27. When he poured an entire bottle of gel in his hair because he didn't know what else to do.

28. When this nightmare happened.

29. When he never woke up from said nightmare.

30. When he decided he wanted a more aerodynamic look.

31. When, um, this happened?

32. When he tried to bring the little-boy look back, again.

33. When he finally ran out of ideas.