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This Is What Happens When People Have No Time For Bullshit

Brutal honestly is the usually the funniest policy.

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1. This very straightforward math equation.

2. These wipes that may cause some discomfort.

3. This biker who needs to liquidate his assets.

4. This blowout sale.

5. This sale that really needs your attention.

6. This flying machine that has the ability to fly outside the earth's atmosphere.

7. This garage sale.

8. This person who isn't going to be shortchanged on an ice cream sale.

9. This giant box o' porn.

10. This decent — but not good — beer.

11. This accurate sign for fedoras.

12. The most intriguing puzzle of all time.

13. This unbelievable sale for people who buy their pregnancy tests in bulk.

14. Three dollars well spent.

15. This multipurpose household device.

16. The freshest pineapples.

17. The only stuffed animal that says how you really feel.

18. The people who wiped out the porn section of a clearance sale.

19. This barely used parachute.

20. This discount that's too good to be true.

21. The person who put the straw in last minute.

22. These condoms that were sooo last season.

23. This absolute STEAL.

24. This top of the line camera.

25. The only way anyone should ever eat tacos.

26. The most honest advertisement for roasted chicken ever.

27. This dark leather bound diary.

28. The only Sunday school book anyone ever needs.

29. The least appetizing cookies.

30. This VERY VERY RARE Beanie Baby.

31. This compelling poncho advertisement.

32. And Dave Foreman — the best damn sales rep in the region.

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