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27 Pictures That Are Sorta Worth Your Time

That's interesting.

1. This notebook for organic chemistry equations:

woodruff42 /

2. This triple banana:

BanalPlay /

3. These urinals with splash protectors:

Ukleon /

4. This guy's hat pants:

Asthimaya /

5. The corner of this restaurant:

kalm_traveler /

6. How this guy's sweat avoids his scars:

Thetacticaltacos /

7. This little guy:

8. This inventive tea cup:

scarletfloyd /

9. How this bike spells out "cycle":

fandabbydosy /

10. This shoe shop with an area to test shoes on different surfaces:

Fresh_Asuna /

11. This clever lake sign:

Fgtkilla69 /

12. This itty-bitty tug boat:

TheChadDurango /

13. This ring finger with no creases on the upper knuckle:

hednik4am /

14. This apartment that used to be a former jail cell:

RubMyRing /

15. This staplesless way of keeping papers together:

PoisonousPork /

16. This library that tells you know much money you save:

nc130295 /

17. This clever billboard:

moonpies4everyone /

18. This Party City moving in next to Party City:

snack_champion2316 /

19. What a liter bottle looks like before it gets expanded:

str4ight_shooter /

20. This strange three pack of sliced bread:

Brewmeiser /

21. This chicken egg without it's shell:

Jeph_Diel /

22. This cheeky crosswalk:

BoyScouterino /

23. This curved escalator:

Rob3512A /

24. This window that looks like two penises touching tips:

MidEastBeast777 /

25. This fan that melted and gave up in the heat:


26. This airport bathroom that installed lights to help you identify which stalls are open and occupied:

ProbablyNotTori /

27. And this intense tan line:

airboy1999 /

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