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24 Things That Will Make You Automatically Smile No Matter What

Pure joy.

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1. Jayson's yearbook picture:

2. This pug's smile:

3. These penguins flying the friendly skies:

4. This badass sister:

5. The reward this Mercedes got for taking up four parking spaces:

6. This thoughtful graffiti artist:

7. This bad dog:

8. This sexy mysterious man:

9. This future super villain:

10. This goofy doggie:

11. This pooch who is SO HAPPY that he knocked the cat off the bed:

12. This dog in hamburger heaven:

13. This amazing library prank:

14. This dope party mannequins:

15. This peanut:

16. This otter having the time of his life:

17. Patrick Stewart dressed as lobster in a tub:

18. The poetry of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

19. The proud onion owner:

20. Freedom personified:

21. Nic Cage enjoying a hot summer breeze:

22. This incredible gas station convenience store:

23. This drunk 50-year-old man:

24. And Aaron Adelson.

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