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    17 Reasons The Subway Is Actually The First Layer Of Hell

    Enjoy the ride.

    1. These unclaimed bread crusts and chicken bones:

    2. This person catching up on their grooming routine:

    3. These bros taking a group nap:

    4. This dude who's made the train car into his living room:

    5. This guy causally having a sushi dinner:

    6. This character who brought a freaking peacock on board:

    7. This walking nightmare:

    8. This pile of sunflower seeds:

    9. This delightful woman taking a wizz:

    10. This abandoned crack pipe:

    11. This pistachio lover:

    12. This guy leaving a wet surprise for a future rider:

    13. This dude drinking bourbon out of a broken bottle:

    14. This person doing a little booger sugar:

    15. These used Q-Tips:

    16. This lady put her feet up after a long day:

    17. And Satan himself, chillin' amongst his people: