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Updated on Jan 21, 2019. Posted on Jan 20, 2019

19 People Having Brutal Days That'll Make You Cringe

That sucks.

1. Whoever had to clean up this crap:

bayolentez /

2. This rock climber who dropped his glasses:

Bittlegeuss /

3. This person who mixed up the soy sauce and the syrup:

sirfluffyington /

4. This guy who thought he could turn himself in for the reward money:

Iwillcommentevrywhr /

5. This musician:

NerfGunCaleb /

6. This person and their DIY tattoo:

iamtheundefined /

7. This dude who rode the escalator the wrong way:

SemperLemon /

8. This person who left their window open:

Shouldaville /

9. This person who almost took a deadly shortcut:

farishta_ /

10. This person who misplaced one AirPod:

David Held

11. Kylar, whose iPad was hiding in plain sight:

Vector12000 /

12. This Yankee swap winner:

strooticus /

13. Austin:

daniyald700 /

14. This curious dude:

MyNameGifOreilly /

15. This Porsche owner whose dog misbehaved:

Aquagenie /

16. This driver who forgot their bike was on the roof:

Redomdant /

17. This poor guy:

doitaljosh /

18. This pizza lover:

BCFire22 /

19. And this dude on his way to work:

antoniotri /

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