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    Nov 10, 2014

    13 Struggles Only People Who Go By Their Last Name Understand

    "But everyone calls me Schmidt..."

    1. Constantly feeling awkward whenever you have to introduce yourself to someone new.

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    2. Because you're eternally conflicted about what you should say.

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    3. And you feel like a tool when you utter the phrase "but everyone calls me..."

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    4. Whenever you introduce yourself to someone new using your first name, your friends give you the look of a confused puppy.

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    5. But the truth is you don't feel a strong connection to your first name.

    6. Which makes you feel guilty because your parents chose your name and you generally consider them to be nice people.

    7. You never realize when co-workers are trying to get your attention.

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    8. And you never know what to write on name tags.

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    9. You constantly miss food and drink orders because you barely recognize your very common first name.

    10. And while your last name is AWESOME, people rarely know how to spell it.

    11. Which leads to a never-ending and constantly evolving list of nicknames.

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    12. Many of which you don't particularly care for.

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    13. And at the end of the day you know most people don't even know your first name.

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    But deep down you know you're awesome because who wants two names when you only need one?

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