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    23 Teachers Who Go The Extra Mile, Uphill, Both Ways, In The Snow

    Appreciate them.

    1. This guy who oversees everything:

    2. This wing woman:

    3. This goddamn hero:

    4. This nurturer of minds and stomachs:

    5. This kindergarten teacher who stocks hygiene products for families in need:

    6. This teacher's amazing homework policy:

    7. This teacher who spends their days off selflessly:

    8. This teacher who wore the same thing for picture day... forever:

    9. This teacher with the best acronyms:

    10. This master of the Rick Roll:

    11. This hip educator who keeps up with the latest lingo:

    12. This meme appreciator:

    13. This history teacher hell-bent on getting students' priorities straight:

    14. This encourager of hidden talent:

    15. This teacher calling the bluff of students on bad attendance:

    16. This sweetheart:

    17. This professor who gives out succulents:

    18. This expressionless grader:

    19. This hilarious warning:

    20. This artist:

    21. This teacher, unfazed by the rising flood waters:

    22. This welcoming soul:

    23. And this giver of perfect advice: