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26 Pictures That'll Make You Say "WTF Were You Thinking?"


1. These "convenient" outlets at the urinal:

2. This poorly placed sign:

3. This cringeworthy font:

4. This new branch of law enforcement:

5. This confused bottle of vinegar:

6. This one-of-a-kind sign:

7. This inconvenient toilet paper dispenser:

8. This elevator with an identity crisis:

9. This special kind of water with two T's:

10. Whoever used the Eiffel Tower for the letter "I" instead of "A":

11. The twisted mind that created this inflatable:

12. This poorly conceived ramp:

13. This "Happy Ratbhydi" bag:

14. This unfortunate pest control logo:

15. These delicious bottles of floor cleaner:

16. These tallboy cans of radiator coolant:

17. This game of hangman that already used the letter O:

18. This package of shoelaces that advertises shoes that don't require laces:

19. This tiny bathroom stall door:

20. This tricky column of checkmarks:

21. This useless peephole:

22. This awkwardly aligned store sign:

23. This sign:

24. This JFK piggy bank with an unfortunate entry point:

25. This catastrophe of a sign:

26. And this disaster of a bike lane:

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