Remember That Time Ichiro Met Michael Jordan In 1995?

Watch the 22-year-old future Hall of Famer adorably geek out meeting his idol.

In 1995, a 22-year-old, scrawny, star-struck Ichiro Suzuki met Michael Jordan at the peak of his career. At the time Ichiro was a complete unknown to Americans. In Japan, he was a budding star. Watch him bug out.

2. Here’s Ichiro looking absolutely adorable in front of MJ’s locker.

Yes, that is a Tom and Jerry turtleneck sweater!

3. Here he is shaking hands with his idol.

Commence freak out in…




10. GODDD!

11. Here’s MJ complimenting the youngster’s shoes.

This is especially interesting for anyone who has read Wright Thompson’s recent profile on MJ, because apparently shoes are the first thing Jordan notices about people.

At the time, Hideo Nomo had just completed his first season in the MLB and won rookie of the year. He was the first Japanese-born player to permanently relocate to Major League Baseball in the U.S.

13. Here’s MJ’s reaction to Ichiro saying he hit his first home run off Nomo.

Translation: “Oh, shit. This little guy’s pretty good.”

14. Memories for a lifetime.

15. Check out the entire surreal meeting, complete with inspiring mid-90s tunes:

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