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    29 Reasons Life Should Come Equipped With A Restart Button

    We all deserve a mulligan every once in a while.

    1. Because there's no way this guy could have seen that pothole.

    2. Because how's this guy supposed to finish his dock?

    3. Because trampolines aren't supposed to work like that.

    4. Because if you make a FOUR HOUR LASAGNA YOU SHOULD GET TO EAT IT!

    5. Because sometimes you just read the signals wrong.

    6. Because sometimes life shits on you a little too hard.

    7. Because this horse is STILL embarrassed about this.

    8. Because you never know when you're gonna fall off your moped and into a sewer drain.

    9. Because how often do you get cut off when you're transporting a vat of marinara sauce?

    10. Because when you're evading the cops it's hard to know which is the best route.

    11. Because we all miss the mark sometimes.

    12. Because unexpected wind gusts are always VERY UNEXPECTED.

    13. Because you should be able to pop-a-wheelie without risking major injury.

    14. Because sometimes you need to reset the scope.

    15. Because some sports sound a lot better on paper.

    16. Because sometimes a lemur will piss on your head.

    17. Because not every car is meant to be a low rider.

    18. Because this nightmare.

    19. Because some people have bad aim.

    20. Because sometimes you lose your favorite toys.

    21. Because sometimes you pick the world's worst parking spot.

    22. Because sometimes you don't fit.

    23. Because we don't always remember to look BOTH ways.

    24. Because this is not how vacation typically works.

    25. Because you should never point the barrel of a carbonated beverage in someone's face.

    26. Because learning to drive stick has a learning curve.

    27. Because sometimes this is your first rodeo.

    28. Because some people think Lucy from Peanuts was a role model.

    29. And because sometimes you just need a second chance.