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21 Reasons Why Sinbad Is An Everlasting Icon

The house guest that's always welcome.

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1. Because he knew style.

2. He made this shirt work.

3. He even pulled off the NBA bench player look.

4. He compliments people on their haircuts.

Even when he knows a bowl cut isn't a "good look."

Because he's a good guy.

5. He has an unbridled enthusiasm for McDonalds.

6. He's still boys with EVERYONE.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Like Smokey Robinson...

Gabrielle Union...

David Livingston / Getty Images

Lionel Richie...

Bret Michaels...

Charley Gallay


Gene Duncan / AP


7. He starred in greatest lazy Sunday afternoon movie EVER.

8. He saved the President's son from the original "catfishing" incident.

9. Where he taught us how to dance.

10. And nearly shot Brad from "Home Improvment" for hitting him with a spitball.

11. He battled the Governator for the hottest Christmas toy and won.

12. He rocked every hair style imaginable.

13. Flat top...

14. Bleached...

15. Even the jheri curl mullet!

16. He visited Kevin Smith's comic book store!

17. He wore this in "Good Burger."

18. He played himself as a mental patient in an episode of "Always Sunny In Philadelphia."

19. He can play the drums like a boss.

20. Because he's keeping the funk alive.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

21. Brad Pitt sums it up best...

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