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25 Reasons Jersey City Is The Best Place To Live

That is if you like down-to-earth people, fair rent, great food and cool bars.

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1. Because this is the view from the local park.

2. Because Taqueria has the best Mexican food east of Los Angeles.

Flickr: Katstan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kjs76

3. And Park Tavern's burger is heaven on a roll.

4. Because we have Instagram-worthy murals too.

5. Because the best views of Manhattan are from the Jersey side of the Hudson.

Flickr: Wallyg / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wallyg

6. And our skyline ain't half bad either.

Flickr: A. Strakey / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: smoovey

7. Because our brownstones would definitely get the Huxtable stamp of approval.

Flickr: STC4blues / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stc4blues

8. Because $1,600 can get you a real apartment, not a windowless basement in Williamsburg like this one...

9. A pack of cigarettes cost about $5 less than this...

Andrew Burton / Getty

10. And you don't have to deal with Time Warner.

Flickr: DragonFlyEye / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dragonflyeye

11. Because our diners are better than your diners.

Flickr: wallyg /Creative Commons
Flickr: Elizabeth Thomsen / Creative Commons
Flickr: ethomsen

Flickr: Elizabeth Thomsen / Creative Commons

12. Because the Liberty Science Center's dome IMAX theater puts every other movie theater to shame.

13. Because the Path train is a hell of a lot cleaner than the subway.

Flickr: catchesthelight / Creative Commons / Flickr: catchesthelight

14. Because this is what spring looks like...

15. Because brunch is just better here.

16. Because this is how Jersey City does pizza.

Flickr: wallyg / Creative Commons /Flickr: wallyg

17. Because bartenders actually get to know you.

18. Because our biergarden won't make you feel claustrophobic.

19. Because our restaurants can rival anything across the river.

20. Even our cookies are proud to be in Jersey City.

21. Because our gardens LITERALLY brighten up your day.

22. Because these dogs just won't stop bragging about Jersey City.

Yeah, dogs talk in Jersey City. No big deal.

23. Because contrary to popular belief Brooklyn isn't the only place that knows how to throw a great street festival.

24. Because it looks just as pretty in the rain.

Flickr: http://B.C. Lorio / Creative Commons / Flickr: ackniculous

25. Because people are going to be pissed at me for letting you in on the secret.

Flickr: caruba / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: denial_land

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