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    20 Reasons "Pitch Perfect" And "Stomp The Yard" Are Exactly The Same Movie

    Except for the obvious difference. One has dancing, the other has singing AND dancing.

    1. Both films star main characters who attend college against their own will.

    2. They both have family members who work for the university.

    3. They run into their love interest the moment they step on campus...

    4. And they meet their quirky best friend soon after that.

    5. The main characters both get jobs at the school...

    6. And are confused by random performances on the quad.

    7. The loner protagonists shock campus groups by showing off their talents.

    8. Which leads them to get involved with underdog campus groups... that feature initiation ceremonies.

    9. Which are led by people with an old school mentality...

    10. Who need their new school flavor in order to compete with their hated rivals...

    11. Who happen to be reigning national champions...

    12. And are led by smug assholes.

    13. Everyone practices in drained pools on campus — we assume for the acoustics.

    14. There are practice montages that demonstrate them coming together as a team...

    15. Where the overweight members of the group fall behind.

    16. Both films climax with a competition on the national stage.

    17. Where iconic announcers bug out due to...

    18. Their dramatic and unexpected victory over their archrival.

    19. Old school and new school hug it out.

    20. And everyone celebrates with a dramatic kiss.

    The End.