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    21 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About Andrew Wiggins

    Meet college basketball's newest superstar.

    This afternoon, Andrew Wiggins, the No.1 ranked senior in high school basketball, announced that he'll be Kansas Jayhawk next season.

    The reason that's a big deal is some analysts consider Wiggins to be the best NBA prospect since LeBron James. Here's why:

    1. Because 6-foot-8-inch 18-year-olds don't spin this fluidly...

    2. And they certainly don't hit pull-up...

    3. Or step-back three-pointers this effortlessly.

    4. Because this move is simply unfair.

    5. He has the ball-handling ability of a guard.

    6. Players with his size shouldn't be able to embarrass others like this...

    7. Or this.

    8. Forwards don't run the fast-break like this.

    9. And they're certainly not this agile in transition.

    10. Or this adept at running the floor.

    11. Because this move is Dwayne Wade-esque.

    12. He blocks shots too...

    13. A lot of them.

    14. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

    15. He enjoys dunking as well.

    16. Surprise, surprise.

    17. He's pretty damn good at that too.

    18. Wiggins is simply one of the smoothest...

    19. Most athletic...

    20. And polished players...

    21. We've seen in a long time.

    College basketball fans everywhere are lucky to have him, even if it's just for one season.

    Kansas fans, please stop bragging.

    Sholten Singer / AP